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Donnie, Chip, Monaco and Ricky hail you!
Photograph courtesy Thomas Feeley
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What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been...
   News                      February 27, 2001
    After a loss of two (!) Internet providers and some personal issues, Z'nuff Web is FINALLY coming back online...and it'll be better than ever! Upcoming events include interview transcripts, more album reviews and columns...maybe even a new java game or two! I was nowhere near finished with the site when everything bad went down, but you still kept coming, and for that I'm eternally grateful. Stay tuned...updates are coming soon!!!
  News                      September 12, 1999
Zachary Daily (My Son)   September 12 
Chip Znuff (Bass)      September 10
Ricky Parent (Drums)     September 9
Ok...here's the deal: My son Zach turns 8 years old today, and Enuff Z'nuff is his favorite band, so I thought I'd give him a little birthday greeting from the guys (I made it; they didn't send it to me, so please don't ask). Then I remembered that 2 of the guys in the band also had B-days this week (Zach was REALLY excited to find THAT out :) , so I thought I'd post it as a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all of them. In Chip's own  words : "May the best thing that happened to you last year be the worst  thing that happens to you this year."
Birthday Greeting (Real Audio - 46k)
Brithday Greeting (Mp3 File - 77k)

(How's that for an attention grabber? :)

That's right; no longer do you have to type out a 400 character URL to reach the official site of the awesome EZNExpress newsletter. 'Cause Michelle Dimos has got herself a brand-spankin' new URL: 

Don't delay; go today!!!
   News                      September 5, 1999
    There are more dates added to the Tour Info page...check it out! Also, to your left you'll find a new mailing list. Sign up, and I'll let you know whenever Z'nuff Web is updated.
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